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Chana Dal | Sanaga Pappu
Rs.48.00 - Rs.95.00
Moong Dal | Pesara Pappu
Rs.65.00 - Rs.129.00
Putnalu | Fried Gram
Rs.58.00 - Rs.115.00
Green Moong Round | Pesarlu
Rs.60.00 - Rs.120.00
Black Urad Dal | Pottu Minapa Pappu
Rs.68.00 - Rs.135.00
Urad Dal Split | Minapa Pappu
Rs.34.00 - Rs.135.00
Brown Chana | Sanagalu
Rs.45.00 - Rs.90.00
Masoor Dal | Erra Pappu
Rs.48.00 - Rs.95.00
Wheat (Sharbati) | Godhumalu
Rs.46.00 - Rs.230.00
Kabuli Chana
Rs.68.00 - Rs.135.00
Lobia Brown | Bobbarlu
Rs.60.00 - Rs.120.00
Green Moong Dal | Pottu Pesara Pappu
Rs.63.00 - Rs.125.00
White Lobia | Bobbarlu
Rs.60.00 - Rs.120.00
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